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Scenario: Members of the HR user group at CCH need access to desktops running Windows 8. The
desktops provided to HR users must be in a separate device collection named HR. As part of a pilot, a
Citrix Administrator must use the Provisioning Services Console to create the device collection and
initially four target devices with plans to add 20 more. The target devices named Win801T Win802.
Win803 and Win804 should be assigned the CCH_Win8 vDisk and those devices should be assigned to
the HR OU. XenDesktop is NOT being used for the HR team at the moment.
The hypervisor information for the environment is:
XenServer IP Address:
Username: root
Password: Password 1
1.Create a device collection named HR.
2.Create four target devices named Win801, Win802. Win803 and Win804, and add the target
devices to the HR device collection.
3.Ensure the target devices are configured to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario.
Review the steps and solution in explanation below.
1) In Provisioning Services Console, right click on "Device" and click on Create Device
2) In the "General" type in the name " HR" and click on OK.
3) Right click on "CCHSite" node and select Streamed Virtual Machine Setup.

NO.2 From the "Virtual machine template" dialog window select the correct virtual machine
template then click on Next.

NO.3 From the "Hypervisor connection" dialog window type in the Hypervisor IP address,
username and password provided then click on Next.

NO.4 From the "Virtual Machines" dialog window, increase the "Number of virtual machines to create"
to 4 then click on Next. 9) From the "Active Directory" dialog window verify "Create new accounts" is
selected then
click on Next.
10) From the "Active Directory accounts and location" dialog windows select the HR OU; in
the "Account naming scheme" field type in the "Basename#" of Win8##, select
drop down to the right, then click on Next.
11) From the "Summary" dialog windows click on Finish.
12) When the devices are finished creating click on Done.
13) You can verify the new devices were created correctly in the HR Device Collection you
created initially.
4. Scenario: Users report slow application launch times after a master image update. These users
have critical deadlines and need access to their machines as soon as possible.
How should a Citrix Administrator resolve the slow application launch times?
A. Reset user profiles using Citrix Director.
B. 6. Scenario: A high number of Desktop OS machines are displaying as 'Unregistered' in Citrix
Studio. However, Desktop OS machines that are registered are functioning as expected.
What is the likely cause of this issue?
A. The Delivery Controller is unable to register with DNS.
B. The Delivery Controller is NOT configured to trust XML requests.
C. A Digital certificate is NOT installed on the Desktop OS machines.
D. The affected Desktop OS machines are unable to register with DNS.
C. Revert to the previous image.
D. Restart the impacted Desktop OS machines.
E. 8. Scenario: Human Resources has published training videos that all employees must watch.
Employees are encountering buffering delays and poor video quality when trying to watch the videos
Which tool could a Citrix Administrator use to identify the cause of this issue?
A. Citrix Studio
B. HDX Monitor
C. CDF Control
D. Task Manager
F. 5. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator at a medical facility needs to set up kiosks for non-corporate
users to launch an application that utilizes internal authentication. The administrator needs to
configure the site store.OrgA.com to allow this.
How should the administrator configure the store to accomplish this requirement?
A. Configure a new store as internal only with remote access.
B. Add a VPN in Remote Access for store.OrgA.com to allow access.
C. Configure the existing store as internal only with Remote Access set to None.
D. Create an anonymous store using the Delivery Controllers belonging to OrgA.
G. Migrate the Desktop OS machines to a different host.
H. 7. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages a XenDesktop environment where Machine Creation
Services is used to create and deploy Server and Desktop OS machines. After an application update
on the master image for the Desktop OS machines, users report functionality issues with their
Desktop OS machines.
What should the administrator do to resolve the reported issue?
A. Reset user profiles using Citrix Director.
B. Select 'Revert to' in the Snapshots menu in XenServer.
C. Restart the Desktop OS machines using Citrix Director.
D. Use the 'Rollback Machine Update' option in Citrix Studio.
Answer: B,E,F,G,H

君はほかのサイトや書籍もブラウズ するがもしれませんが、弊社の関連の学習資料と比較してから1Y0-201日本語 日本語関連対策の商品の範囲が広くてまたネット上でダウンロードを発見してしまいました。1Y0-201日本語 日本語関連対策だけ全面と高品質の問題集があるのでは1Y0-201日本語 日本語関連対策の専門家チームが彼らの長年のIT知識と豊富な経験で研究してしました。そして、1Y0-201日本語 日本語関連対策に多くの受験生の歓迎されます。

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試験科目:Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions (1Y0-201日本語版)
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試験科目:Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
問題と解答:全129問 1Y0-201 試験内容

>> 1Y0-201 試験内容


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